Water & Oxygen photographed leaving

Erath Earth's Vortex Generator, 

Erath Earth Bagging & Bottling Facilities & FeedMill

Erath Earth, Inc. was founded in 1989 by organic agriculture specialist, Sabino Cortez.  From humble beginnings, Sabino was able to launch this now world-renown company from his small farm in Erath County, Texas.  As the President and CEO of Erath Earth, Inc. Sabino has managed to maintain the integrity and honest standards that he set out to provide to his customers some twenty years ago.

After much research and time in the laboratory, Sabino patented the Vortex Generator in 1992 as an ultra-efficient manure separator for dairies and farming facilities.  The serendipitous effect that the Vortex Generator had on water led to oxygenation and the creation of aerobic compost tea.  This compost tea became an ideal natural fungicide, insecticide, and soil inoculate all in one.  Realizing the benefits of this product, Sabino marketed it to growers, encouraging those who had been using chemical products to move to this natural and organic method.

In recent years, Sabino has tested soil growth and cattle grazing in surrounding areas of Texas.  With the use of his compost tea, Sabino found that grazers could increase cattle grazing population and gain 50% productivity through a mob grazing technique.  This increase in grazing on grasses grown with compost tea had other benefits as well including improved soil fertility, healthier cattle, and also an increase in native plant and animal population.

2011 Texas Drought